Vietnam’s coconut exports to Australia increased by 44%

Thai coconut has a long-standing in the Australian market and the price is very competitive. In the past two years, the Trade Office has put coconut products on the list of key promotion points with the policy of promoting the entire production chain of the coconut industry to support value addition, thereby contributing to the price increase. Vietnamese coconuts are more competitive, with a regular presence in Australia.

From the current state of demand in the Australian market, the Vietnam Trade Office accompanies businesses to promote the Vietnamese coir. As a result, according to ITC statistics, after 5 months of 2022, coconut fiber exports to Australia increased by 272% while Australia reduced imports of this item by up to 50% over the same period in 2021.

The good news, fresh Vietnamese coconuts are present in Australia even in winter. The distributor with the brand name VIETASIA has brought a batch of Ben Tre fresh coconuts to the market to compete in a time when consumption is more difficult than buying in the summer. The deal has promoted this shipment and coordinated with the Vietnam Entrepreneurs Association in Australia to campaign for consumption.

Over the pastime, the Trade Office has continuously worked with importers and exporters to both promote imports and promote in Australia. Currently, there are many effective brands of fresh Vietnamese coconuts that have approached the Australian market from time to time, such as Mekong, VietAsia, 4waysfresh, batoausale, Cocosmile (An Viet), and AusAsia. .,

Canned coconut water products are specially paid attention by the Trade Office to promote promotion because it is believed that this will be a good competitive Vietnamese product due to preservation and cost as well as convenience.

Poster advertising Vietnamese coconuts, with specific brands to support consumption in Australia (Photo: Trade in Australia)

In terms of overall competition, through a trial survey, the taste of fresh Vietnamese coconut water is different from the main taste of coconut water sold in Australia, the Trade Office has unified importers to promote the taste of water. Vietnamese coconut has a natural taste like a fresh drink from nature and is good for health, especially for sports people (BBCgoodfood). Because Australia, most of the population loves sports

Foreign brands have come to import Vietnamese coconut water into the largest supermarkets in Australia, including the prestigious Harris farm supermarket. Specifically, at the moment, you can find brands: Vico fresh, Cocosoul organic, RawC, and Chef’s choice. . With the words “Vietnamese products” behind them.

In particular, Cocoxim canned coconut water, a Vietnamese brand, is highly appreciated by distributors.

Coconut oil exports to Australia increased by 51%; promoting the export of confectionery and handicrafts from coconut trees.

Catching up with the trend of nature-friendly consumption, the Trade Office has promoted Vietnamese coconut oil for consumption in many fields. Coconut oil exports to Australia grew strongly in the first 5 months of the year, according to the latest ITC statistics.

For confectionery in general and coconut-based cakes are currently growing well in Australia. In general, the confectionery industry grows 37% after 7 months of 2022 (TCHQVN)

In the past week, the Trade Office is also discussing with many exporters about handicraft products from coconut trees. To continue to perform promotion the next time.

Challenges in today’s market

Shipping to Australia still faces many challenges and the Australian currency exchange rate decreases compared to the same period in 2021. The deal wants Vietnamese businesses to continue to promote exports of coconuts and coconut products to Australia.

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