After the epidemic, Vietnam’s tourism swiftly returns.

Vietnam’s tourism sector continues to expand in an outstanding manner despite the effects of the epidemic. Numerous communities regularly “announced” stimulus plans to draw tourists.

Impressive expansion
The World Economic Forum’s (WEF) Global Tourism Development Capability Index 2021 study reveals that Vietnam’s tourism has six indicators, according to the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism (out of 17 pillar indexes). among the best in the entire globe. the ability to compete on price (15th), the availability of natural resources (24th), cultural resources (25th), aviation infrastructure (27th), and safety and security (rank 33). Only three indicators from Vietnam were included in this group during the 2019 evaluation period (price competitiveness, natural resources, and cultural resources).

The market for international tourists continuously expands.
Statistics show that starting in May 2022, there was a small but encouraging increase in the number of foreign tourists. The recovery of the aviation business, according to Dinh Viet Son, Deputy Director of the Vietnam Civil Aviation Administration, is a crucial element in fostering the growth of the tourist industry. The aviation sector is anticipated to be in 2022 along with the full opening of international routes to and from Vietnam on March 15 and the abolition of the COVID-19 testing requirement for admission on May 15. 70–80 million visits are reached. It has between 60 and 70 million local tourists and about 10 million foreign visitors.

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