Supporting for Dometic Bussiness

This association supports domestic businesses in building their online brand presence, developing communication channels through social media, and connecting with global customers.

Supporting Online Brand Development

We provide extensive assistance to businesses in establishing and enhancing their online brand presence. This encompasses offering guidance on digital marketing strategies, website development, and effectively leveraging social media platforms to bolster their brand visibility.

Global Networking

Our association has established collaborations with e-commerce associations from various countries, including China, India, South Korea, Indonesia, and more. These connections open doors to new markets, partnership opportunities, knowledge exchange, and ultimately enhance the global reach and competitiveness of our members.

Trade Promotion

Another pivotal aspect of our mission is to promote and create favorable conditions for trade activities. We organize trade delegations, exhibitions, and events aimed at showcasing the products and services of our members on a global scale. This not only introduces their offerings to new international markets but also fosters partnerships and collaborations, facilitating their growth and success in the global marketplace









What we do for you

Connecting with global customers through online meetings organized for the business community to meet, exchange introductions, and promote products

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