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Vietnam-China Online Conference on Furniture

On 25th Septemter

Join us at the conference where leading furniture businesses from Guangxi, China converge. Register by September 23, 2023, to secure your spot!.

New Year Greetings for 2024 from the Chairman of the E-Commerce Association to its Members

Dear Esteemed Members,

In the festive atmosphere of the new Spring, I would like to extend my heartfelt and meaningful New Year greetings to all members of the E-Commerce Association.

The year 2023 presented us with various challenges and difficulties, but through our unity and collective efforts, we managed to overcome every obstacle, stepping into the new year with optimism and energy.

2024 is a fresh opportunity for us to shape and develop the e-commerce industry, contributing to the prosperity of the economy and our communities. Let us continue to collaborate strongly, sharing knowledge and experiences, creating new opportunities, and driving innovation.

Congratulations on the new year, wishing all businesses within our association a year full of luck, success, and prosperity. May each new step bring significant achievements, and every challenge be an opportunity for our growth.

Together, we will build a robust, flexible, and sustainable e-commerce community. Happy New Year, let us create new miracles together!

Best regards,

Steven Nguyen, Chairman of the Vietnam Global E-Commerce Association