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The Vietnam E-commerce Association is an organization with 10,000 member businesses. We actively promote the export of Vietnamese goods worldwide and provide support for global enterprises to develop in the Vietnamese market.

Our Story

Heading the Vietnam E-commerce Association (VGEA) is the DMC Group, an establishment with a rich history dating back to 1995 and boasting 28 years of expertise in the realms of finance and technology. Recognizing that e-commerce is an inevitable cornerstone of the digital economy, the Group harnessed the power of connectivity tools to compile an extensive database encompassing 1.7 million Vietnamese businesses. Over the years, VGEA has witnessed exponential growth, originally consisting of approximately 10,000 member enterprises and continuing to expand steadily. It is poised to reach an impressive membership of 50,000 businesses by the close of the year 2024.

A core mission of VGEA is to empower Vietnamese enterprises to expand their horizons internationally. This is achieved through a range of online conferences and trade promotion programs. VGEA equips its members with essential knowledge and tools, enabling them to build their brands in the online sphere while providing solutions to connect with potential customers globally. Furthermore, VGEA plays a pivotal role in attracting foreign companies to invest in Vietnam, supporting international businesses in developing a foothold in the Vietnamese market through its extensive business data and network of members spanning across 63 provinces and cities.

The annual international e-commerce conferences organized by VGEA have become an unmissable event for businesses worldwide seeking to penetrate the vibrant Vietnamese market.

The impact of VGEA transcends the realm of business, making significant contributions to Vietnam’s economic growth. As more Vietnamese businesses venture onto the global stage, they create employment opportunities, enhance exports, and contribute to the nation’s GDP. VGEA’s relentless efforts in promoting the adoption of e-commerce nationwide have helped shape a more dynamic Vietnam, fostering economic growth and digital connectivity.

Throughout the years, VGEA has continued to evolve and adapt to the ever-changing landscape of e-commerce and international trade. It remains at the forefront, embracing emerging technologies, expanding educational initiatives, and advocating for policies that promote equitable and transparent e-commerce practices.

At the core of our mission, we uphold the motto that has etched itself into the hearts of VGEA members: “Bring Vietnamese Productions to the world and Bring the world to Vietnam.” This underscores our commitment to facilitating global connections, fostering economic growth, and enhancing Vietnam’s presence on the international stage.

Vision and Mission of the Association

The Mission of the Vietnam E-commerce Association (VGEA):

“The mission of VGEA is to play a pivotal role in promoting and developing the e-commerce industry in Vietnam. We are committed to supporting Vietnamese businesses in expanding their international presence, creating favorable conditions for them to connect and interact with the global market through the use of advanced technology and e-commerce solutions. We view all our activities through the lens of sustainability and fairness, ensuring that all businesses and individuals have the opportunity to participate in and benefit from the e-commerce revolution.”

The Vision of the Vietnam E-commerce Association (VGEA):

“The vision of VGEA is to build Vietnam into a thriving and reputable e-commerce hub on the global stage. We aim to foster the sustainable growth of the e-commerce industry, enabling Vietnamese businesses to penetrate and compete strongly in the global market. We dream of a Vietnam known not only for outstanding products and services but also for innovation and easy accessibility through e-commerce. Our vision is to promote a dynamic e-commerce community that collaborates and innovates continuously to drive the future of business in Vietnam and contribute to the prosperity of the nation.”


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The association has created a community of 10,000 domestic businesses and forged strong connections with e-commerce associations worldwide.

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